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Welcome to the home of Burnsville High School Baseball (BHS Baseball) and BHS Baseball Booster Club. BHS Baseball will be utilizing this website for all communication with our players and their parents during the school year and post-season. We encourage fans to use the site too. 

BHS Baseball website is operated by the BHS Baseball Booster Club.
Burnsville High Schoois part of ISD 191 which is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. For more information about our BHS Baseball and BHS Baseball Booster Club, please visit the “About Us” page.

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Sioux Trail Players
Ty Alyea Tribute
    Thanks to Eric Carlson and Ed Hanson, they taped...
Burnsville's Brandon Peterson
  Congratulations to Brandon Peterson!!! Captain, 2010...
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Sioux Trail Players




1st and 2nd graders at Sioux Trail had a baseball theme for the month.  Some of our BHS players went to visit them.



by posted 06/02/2015
Ty Alyea Tribute



Thanks to Eric Carlson and Ed Hanson, they taped the tribute to Ty.  


You can view it here on You Tube



by posted 05/15/2015
Burnsville's Brandon Peterson


Congratulations to Brandon Peterson!!!

Captain, 2010 grad BHS All-State Shortstop Minor League Relief Pitcher of the Year!!!




by posted 09/11/2014
College recruiting

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by posted 08/29/2014
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by posted 04/06/2014
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