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Welcome to BHSB's home on the web!

Welcome to the home of Burnsville High School Baseball (BHS Baseball) and BHS Baseball Booster Club. BHS Baseball will be utilizing this website for all communication with our players and their parents during the school year and post-season. We encourage fans to use the site too. 

BHS Baseball website is operated by the BHS Baseball Booster Club.
Burnsville High Schoois part of ISD 191 which is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. For more information about our BHS Baseball and BHS Baseball Booster Club, please visit the “About Us” page.

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ALL Team potluck
Cane's Night for Baseball
Download the flyer here  
Away Game Sandwhich
We have partnered with Davanni's this year to provide the players...
Dine at BWW and support Baseball
Download the flyer here Anytime you eat at BWW in Savage, show...
2018 Moto
  Why Not Us!
Johnny Price Scholarship from the Blizzard Foundation
Spring is right around the corner and your college-bound players...
Spring Salt Fundraiser
Spring Salt!   Kick off Spring Salt Sales April...
Dome waiver attached
Please read from the City of Savage regarding the Savage Dome   We...
Starting Date for Baseball
First Week for all players 10-12 Starting...
BHS Baseball - Stay in Touch During the Season!
There are several ways to stay in touch during the season, for events,...
Home Run Club
Click here to download the flyer     
Voluntering with Special Olympics
  BHS Baseball players volunteered with the Special Olympics...
Shoulder Sphere Training Document
    Click here to download the program information
2017 Section 3AAA Champions
Congratulations Coach Reuss
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Edit My Account Information/Website The season is right around...
ALL Team potluck



When:  Tuesday, April 3rd

Time:  6:00-8:00 pm

Where:  BHS Cafeteria


What to bring? 

Freshman:  Main Dish

Sophomores:  Side Dish

Juniors: Dessert 

Seniors: Main Dish


Paper plates, napkins, water will be served. 

There are not alot of outlets for crockpots--if your food needs to be warmed, bring an outlet strip and extension cord.


What happens at this meeting?

  • Booster Contribution due  ($125) payable to BHS Baseball Boosters
  • Davanni's away game sandwhich--sign up, and pay--please bring your form filled out
  • Volunteers for individual teams-website manager, scorekeeper, commentary, BAC night
  • Kick off to salt sales--forms available on the website
  • Field Maintenance Day
  • Update your account online. All communication will be coming from the website regarding game changes, cancellations















by posted 03/20/2018
Cane's Night for Baseball

Download the flyer here


by posted 03/20/2018
Away Game Sandwhich

We have partnered with Davanni's this year to provide the players with an option for a sandwhich before the away games.


Click here to download the form


Players will choose between a ham or turkey sandwhich on whole wheat bun.

  • Mayo and mustard packets will be provided. 
  • Sandwhiches will be delivered to the school before the bus leaves for away games. 
  • This is optional for each player and team
  • All sandwhiches will be wrapped and labeled with the players name and jersey #.

Payment must be received at the ALL TEAM POTLUCK on Tuesday, April 3rd 

Checks payable to: BHS Baseball Boosters


Varsity  $55

JV         $55

Sophomore   $55

Freshman A   $55

Freshman B  $55

by posted 03/18/2018
Dine at BWW and support Baseball

Download the flyer here

Anytime you eat at BWW in Savage, show the Teammate card, and 10% of your meal will go to the program!

Who doesn't love BWW's??



by posted 03/15/2018
2018 Moto


Why Not Us!

by posted 03/13/2018
Johnny Price Scholarship from the Blizzard Foundation

Spring is right around the corner and your college-bound players are no doubt thinking about college next fall.  The scholarship is offered courtesy of the Blizzard Foundation, a non-profit in the Twin Cities area. They focus on helping families that may be struggling with baseball-related expenses, providing community service opportunities for baseball players, and annual college scholarships. The deadline for the scholarship is April 1st


Jeff Huth   

Director, Blizzard Foundation

3200 Labore Road #102

Vadnais Heights, MN 55110




Download the flyer here 


by posted 02/28/2018
Spring Salt Fundraiser

Spring Salt!


Kick off Spring Salt Sales April 3, 2018 Player/Parent Potluck
Turn in orders Friday, April 20th BHS F190
Pick up Salt Friday, May 4th Nicollet Junior High
Pick up Salt Saturday, May 5th Nicollet Junior High





Download the forms here:


Salt Excel File

Salt PDF

Salt PDF flyer for doors

by posted 02/27/2018
Dome waiver attached

Please read from the City of Savage regarding the Savage Dome


We are finally going to get our new pitching machines out at the Savage Sports Center and with that, we will need to change our procedure.  These new machines are able to pitch at very high speed and are very heavy so we will need everyone who is going to use the machines to sign a waiver.  With that said, I have attached the waiver so you can print off as many as you may need for your kids/parents to sign and return to us at the Sports Center. 

As common practice, the parent will need to sign off if the child is under 17 years old.  This form WILL NEED TO BE HANDED IN TO OUR STAFF IF THEY ARE GOING TO BE USING THE MACHINES NOW AND/OR DURING YOUR TRYOUTS.  I want to make this process as easy for you as possible so I am open to suggestions if you have a better idea.  We will have plenty of copies in the office at the Sports Center if needed.


Coaches will also be assisted by our staff in setting up the machines each time because they are cumbersome and expensive.  It will take a few tries to get the correct speed and strike zone that you want.  They will NOT BE allowed outside of the cages ever.  We will still have the old pitching machines that can be used on the field for ground balls and/or pop-flies.  They will be stored in the garage.




Chris Dill, CPRP

Recreation Services Manager

13770 Dakota Ave, Savage, MN 55378

Office: 952-224-3421 | Fax: 952-224-3430 | cityofsavage.com

by posted 02/22/2018
Starting Date for Baseball

First Week for all players 10-12 Starting March 12 - 16th

BYLAW 504 State High School League
A five-day organized conditioning program and two weeks of organized practice shall precede the first contest. The First  five days of practice are for conditioning arms and for overall physical conditioning, and will be conducted using only baseballs, gloves, and catcher’s equipment. Strength training and aerobic conditioning equipment may also be used.



Starting date for Baseball 10th-12th Grade  at Savage Dome
Date Day Time Location  
3/12 Monday 7:00-8:30 Savage Dome  
3/13 Tuesday 3:00-4:30 Burnsville High School  
3/14 Wednesday 7:00-8:30 Savage Dome  
3/15 Thursday 4:45-7:00 pm Burnsville High School  
3/16 Friday OFF    
3/19/2018 Monday 2:55 -5:00 PM Savage Dome  
3/20/2018 Tuesday 2:55-6:00 PM Savage Dome  
3/21/2018 Wednesday 2:55-6:00 PM Savage Dome  
1st Cuts Posted on website      
3/22/2018 Thursday 2:55-5:00 PM Savage Dome  
2nd Cuts Posted on website      
3/23/2018 Friday 3:00-4:45,  4:45-7:00 (group) Burnsville High School F190  
3/24/2018 Saturday 9:45 am-12:00 pm Burnsville High School  
Click for schedule        
Schedule for Freshman 9th Grade
Date Day Time Location  
3/12/2018 Monday 4:45-7:00 Burnsville High School  
3/13/2018 Tuesday 2:45-4:45 Hitting only F190  
3/14/2018 Wednesday 4:00-6:00 PM Savage Dome Field 3  
3/15/2018 Thursday 7:00-10:00 pm BHS  
3/16/2018 Friday 7:00-10:00 pm BHS  
3/19 Monday OFF    
3/20 Tuesday 3:00-4:45 Hitting only F190  
3/21 Wednesday OFF    
3/22 Thursday 4:45-7:00 pm BHS  


Click here to download the schedule

Spring Break Week: 

Freshman and Sophomores practice Monday-Friday from 1:00 pm-4:30 pm at Burnsville High School


1st week back--outside practice 2:45-5:15 pm


by posted 02/15/2018
BHS Baseball - Stay in Touch During the Season!

There are several ways to stay in touch during the season, for events, practices and games.

Burnsville Baseball Website

Make sure your contact information is up to date, including email and phone numbers.  This will allow you to get notifications for all team/program events. 

Scan the QR code to download the app on your iPhone or Android.
Burnsville Baseball - Team Calendars Once teams are selected, go to the team website, and subscribe to the team calendar.  Click here for more info.
 Follow Twitter 

Burnsville Baseball Twitter:  @BurnsvilleBball

Burnsville Athletic Director: 

South Suburban Conference 

This is the source for all GAMES. Each team will be adding these to their schedule but YOU too can create an account and select reminders and/or notifications for changes.  This link is to Burnsville's school site where you can then select the sport and the team.  

On the right you will see View Schedules and Notify Me.  Scan the QR code to get the app.



by posted 01/12/2018
Home Run Club

Click here to download the flyer 



by posted 01/01/2018
Voluntering with Special Olympics


BHS Baseball players volunteered with the Special Olympics at the State Bowling Tournament 

by posted 11/19/2017
Shoulder Sphere Training Document



Click here to download the program information

by posted 11/10/2017
2017 Section 3AAA Champions

by posted 06/12/2017
Congratulations Coach Reuss


by posted 09/13/2016
Edit my account

Edit My Account Information/Website

The season is right around the corner...please make sure that your account is current and updated.  Game schedules are  posted, so go ahead and subscribe!!!!


Once at the BHS Baseball website (www.burnsvillebaseball.org), you should go to Edit My Account under Association menu.
You are new to the system (same as traveling baseball) or need further information; you should go to Using This Site under Association menu first.
Your players name is entered already with their grade, a birthday (possibly wrong) and email(s).
If you have not used the system before, there could be a “parent” account already set up so you can edit the “parent” as the first name and add another parent/guardian.
Information from the BHS site where you registered does not transfer to this site so we need you to enter contact information for us.    
Sign in with an email that you have been receiving BHSB emails from and select the Continue button. A password will be emailed to that email address and then you can finish logging in.
Edit each parent/guardian’s (only holds 2 parent/guardians) and each player’s account to make sure BHS Baseball Boosters, coaches and your teammates have (1) your contact information and (2) if you would like notification for games.  
Practices are not on schedule.  

We will text and email if practices or games are canceled or more urgent notifications.

 This is how we communicate. If it affects schedule, the main website administrator will be handling (not individual teams).

by posted 03/01/2016
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